Harvesting Uncertainty: three powerful keys for growth

We all went through challenging times, where every morning the feeling and sense of uncertainty pervaded our sense of being grounded and visible in life. Did you ever feel uncertainty hitting and crackling the grounds you walked on?

I did. And not only once. What did I do to ease myself in this and discover the powerful key of harvesting uncertainty?
I took three simple steps. I used them as anchors of my soul into my being and learned to soften into a moving form, which to me is the best way to describe uncertainty. I did this also in my business, realising how powerful it was to align both my inner and business growth, while learning to trust the harvesting of uncertainty.

Our tremble can become our own unique ensemble of skills and resources!

An ensemble can be defined as:

an assemblage of parts or details (as in a work of art) considered as forming a whole

Uncertainty could be met by the body mind heart unison with the following symptoms: the body trembles. It shakes the nervous system, fogged vision, jumpy feeling, floating, light headed, nervousness, fear of loss and a strange feeling of grief.
Do you recognise any of these symptoms? I think I went through them all!

Key #1: What did I do?. I started going backwards. I imagined them as an explosion where I could see all the fragments and I went to the moment prior to that. Not like a rewind, but just sitting before it. In that moment, sitting in it, I found a space of stillness. Backwards is a mental training to detachment, it also supports

Key #2: Stillness made my rhythm decelerate, my breath became calmer and so did my heart beat. When we look at something, imagine it, follow a direction, we are actually experiencing stillness. Like when we are in our flow zone. In those moments our body become still, receptive, alive yet still. In total receiving mode we are receptacles for that inner space to widen and meed in solidarity with the outer reality.

Key #3: I then proceeded to collect all those fragments and considered as pieces of a puzzle. A new form to assemble. Wow! From fragmentation I could actually create a new form, a new ensemble of skills and visions! Collecting that which apparently looks out of order, broken, or chaotic and threatening is the harvesting power that resides in uncertainty.

Morning practice: journey to unlock three powerful keys

As we wake up.

Give time to the body to feel awake, you can just stay comfortable in your bed while you take time to do this journey. Don’t worry about visualisations. Let the mind do its job and just concentrate to going backwards. Imagine a light explosion and you are just sitting at its back, looking at the rays expanding and exploding in the Cosmos.

Stillness comes natural, in this moment you are an observant, passive and receiving. Enjoy that stillness. This is where the body mind heart restores itself to a natural rhythm. This is the stillness space that allows the necessary calmness to empower our vision, to seize the novelty, to create an ensemble and give birth to a new creation, a renewed sense of belonging to Self. And practically, this energises us towards uncertainty restoring trust and confidence!

Now time to walk deeper into the explosion. Continue your journey into the rays of light and the fragments and just imagine you are harvesting them. Like picking cherries from a tree, so do you. Pick the light fragments and bring them into your heart, your mind. You can also imagine having a bucket to put them all together. Hold the bucket close to your heart and breathe.

Visualise the fragments forming a powerful light in the shape of a key. The key is yours and yours only to open your own new form created by the ensemble of fragments.

Visualising a process of undoing and doing trains our mind body heart connection to trust and sooth us in times of uncertainty. It weave us back to our own intimate and self-solidarity sense of being.

If you want to deepen this approach, sing up to receive my newsletter or contact me at ambra.g.bergamasco@gmail.com to get to know about my 3 month process. We will look at uncertainty, growth, solidarity within our unlimited resourceful Self, journey, use creative tools as well as shamanic practices and Reiki. A three-month alchemical journey to empower your path in uncertain times. Book your appointment now using the form below!

From my experience to yours

I bow.

Backwards, Stillness and Collection, three powerful keys to harvest uncertainty.

With love,


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