Journaling Reiki – supporting well being in transition times for personal and business healthy growth

September is near Entering a new phase, new processes are awaiting you to step in as the summer starts becoming a backdrop rather than our landscape….

Such a demanding time! Due to #Covid19 and it shifting forms our collective is frazzled, confused, numbed, happy and alive…and much more.

How can we navigate maintaining a healthy internal growth both for our personal and business growth? We can start by taking 15 minutes a day for journaling with Reiki!

Join this beautiful and creative process for the next to weeks!Get in touch and we can get into the beauties of this simple yet supportive and effective process. The course can last 5 day or 21 days. You choose and I provide you with a daily email with prompts, suggestions and images just for you. How do we start?

A e-mail or skype, whatsapp, zoom call of 45 minutes where we open the visionary space, and from there every day for 5 or 21 days you will receive a daily prompt in your inbox.

A the end of your process we meet again for a 45 mins online session to hold a rooting and closing ceremonial time and seal the within and outer relations.

I am so looking forwards to our process!

Thank you!

With supporting love,


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