Ambra Gatto Bergamasco

I was born to a theatre artist family namely C.S.D. Compagnia Sperimentale Drammatica of Ulla Alasjarvi and Beppe Bergamasco, I began my life on stage. Growing up in an international atmosphere, rich of culture diversity and renewed global artists, I have been exposed to a wealth of knowledge , that I decided to decline through three main themes: Butoh Dance, Research and Healing. I always felt drawn to embodied and shamanic practices, relational understanding and processual and experiential approaches.

As a child I too joined sports and dance classes. I was in a swimming team and trained in classical dance. Growing up I deepened my love for dance and gymnastics and enrolled to modern dance, tip tap, West African dance, Capoeira classes. In 1998 I met Butoh. And here I am. This fulfilled my researcher’s mind and gave me an endless tapestry to learn from and experiment on. As a solo performer I create and produce one piece per year, which I usually premiere at Moving Bodies Festival Butoh and Live Arts, the festival I direct and co-curate since 2014. The festival is co-produced by Espace Productions.

I have developed several projects for audience engagement and development for Butoh as an art form and as a wonderful practice of healing, mostly in Ireland called Butoh Cafe. It took place at The Exchange Dublin where it was first delivered and moved to The Mart Gallery Rathmines, Dublin. I offered Butoh as a healing process in many different communities tackling differently able and mental illness and addiction.