FIlm Work

Since 2016 I have been working with Experimental Film-maker Michael Higgins, member of the Experimental Film Society

Feature film supported by The Arts Council of Ireland. Principle photography was on and off over a period of 6months in Wexford, Dublin and Kilkenny. It was shot on 35mm using a 1970’s Konvas 1M Camera. The exposed stock went to Toronto, Canada for processing at Niagara Custom Lab and for 5K scanning at Frame Discreet. I received both the digital and analogue rushes yesterday and post-production begins next week. The film has been selected for screening at numerous experimental film festival such as

2019 Feature Film – funded by The Arts Council Ireland

All the while, Michael Higgins – “the Vagabond of Experimental Film Society” (according to Donal Foreman) – demonstrates the magic of creating hypnotizing moving images on an expired 35mm film loaded into a 50-yo Soviet camera! Although the silent era is where the bulk of his inspiration comes from, one can’t help but recognize a myriad of other possible and seamlessly assimilated influences, ranging from Italian horror to Wojciech Has or even Seijun Suzuki….The strong fragrance of nostalgia that both the antiquated technology and cinematic role models emanate with never wears off – instead, it is gradually infused with sharp hints of (post)modernity, which as a result has Autumnal Sleeps transforming into a timeless work of esoteric avant-garde. In other words, while relying on the ghosts of the past, Higgins invokes the phantasms of the future…(here for full article) review by Nikola Gocić