One to One Sessions

Spirit and Soul through your Heart and Vision into the web of reality health and steady!

Ambra Gatto Bergamasco

I offer my service through online one to one and in-person sessions according to geographical zones and availability. What is best for You is best for me.

What are the sessions about?

I have studied and applied different healing traditions and I sit in Shamanic Practices, Reiki Treatments, Via Della Lune massage and my personal alchemic medicine The Sacred Blanket.

If you want a session that is a one off or a block of four I am delighted to suggest Reiki Treatments and Shamanic Journeys and The Listening Body. These approaches are focused and you will feel the benefits of what they offer from your first session. Drop an email to schedule our getting to know each other session!

p.s. For students and people that need support I work on a scale. Do not let the economy get in the way of your own beauty. Support healing and personal growth are a human right. Not a luxury.

If you would like a more in-depth process based then…

This is something we will find out together. As it is from our first session that we will discover what is most needed and wanted. I work with a variety of approaches that share a common ground: growth and support.

I am strongly about process. As processes are creative and experiential and they become part of your DNA and renewed sense of Self.

I am rooted in visibility, self-solidarity and self expression, and I firmly believe these should happen with ease and always be present within us to support and aid our growth and our understanding of who we are and how we relate internally and externally.

Just to have a glimpse of what a session with me looks lke:

We connect via phone or web platform, Zoom Whatsapp Skype, or in person. We get to know each other and pinpoint what is most needed now at this moment in time. I listen deeply to an vision you in your successful self and we take it from there. I offer you a process that will have embodied practices and journaling as centre and will combine live sessions and daily/weekly emails to support the process. This personal growth process lasts a minimum of 28 day to 9 months.

Ready to dive deep? I am as I can see you radiating in holding your own life keys!

We can look at what suits you best together when you get in touch! Just send an email and we’ll schedule a session!