Reidar Särestöniemen Project- an embodied experience of art

An embodied lanscape that makes me dance

The project develops aisthetic knowledge between the work of art and the observer.

ΑἼΣΘΗΣΙΣ‎ Aisthesis

a) sensation, perception; perception from the senses: feeling, hearing, seeing b) that which is perceived: scent; ability to perceive: discernment

In early Greek philosophy, αἴσθησισ‎ (aisthēsis) or sense perception—derived from αἰσθάνομαι‎ (aisthanomai: “I perceive, feel, sense”)—referred not so much to the constitution and status of the beautiful as to a complex set of problems to do with sentience, perception, and the thing perceived (the αισθητον‎)_Ref. Oxford Dictionary

Since 2014, I have been developing a body of study on corporeal practices for an embodied appreciation and exploration of art.

I started this interest exploration, thanks to a 4 weeks long dance residency at Dace Ireland/House in Dublin, Ireland. In this occasion I had the opportunity to develop a body of work that was both dance and arts research based. I engaged with the concept of aisthetics and Francis Bacon and Gilles Deleuze. The outcome, dance performance paper presentation and performance based presentation were shown at the Hugh Lane Municipal Gallery, Dublin, at the conference Deleuze+Art at Trinity College Dublin, and Palazzo Cavour for an exhibition of Francis Bacon collection Torino.

Here is an extract of the current project