The Sacred Algorithm

Some things feel sacred to us, some do not. Those that do, we call sacred, and their purpose is ultimately to remind us of the sacredness of all things.

Charles Eisenstein – Sacred Economics

The Sacred Algorithm is my ultimate project. It is the outcome, birth, of an intense and deep three-month process where I have given all hours to research, practice, and vision quest to create a system that would tie in my expertise and competence in the field of academic research, culture and performance and healing/wellbeing and a life lived closed to embodying Spirit moving through me. The Sacred Algorithm brings the Sacred back into the conversation through what I think best called Processes of growth through the lens of a holistic eco-systemic relational approach.

Just before Covid-19 hit us with a different version of reality, I started questioning economy. Our word wide economy our own personal economy. Like a mantra, this question landed unrested in my being:

What Economy do We Buy In?

This is a question that begs no judgement nor wants to align itself to a specific belonging. It is a genuine question that can centre a deeper understanding of our own growth. Whether this is a personal journey or a business development.

It is also a question that sits in my practices and it, surprisingly, bridges them all in unity. A unifying questions that takes into account my academic background, my holistic and shamanic practices and my cultural business. As a researcher looking for projects to run, I realised that I cannot look at life if not layered and in a relational way. Anthropology and Cultural Geography definitely play a big role, as much as my beloved critical thinking texts. I adore post-structuralist philosophy and I must be open about my love for the french philosopher Gilles Deleuze. indeed, he has informed my understanding of certain societal processes. This is because there is an embodied atmosphere in his writings for the way he opens lines of thoughts and the imagery. To me, it reads as a visionary statement of the manyfolded movement of life and its affermative creativity.